October 1-5, 2024, Veliky Novgorod, Russia

Conference venue

Conference Venue

Yaroslav-the-Wise Novgorod State University (NovSU) is the largest educational institution in the North-West of the Russian Federation and the only one in the Novgorod region. Today, the university in Veliky Novgorod is known as the unique “multi-university-technopolis” which in 1993, for the first time in Russia, brought together several universities, technical schools, as well as research and production structures, preserving and increasing their scientific, educational and socio-cultural potential.

Currently, Novgorod State University comprises 7 scientific and educational institutions: Institute of Medical Education, Humanities Institute, Institute of Electronic Information Systems, Institute of Continuous Pedagogical Education, Institute of Digital Economics, Management and Service, Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, and Polytechnic Institute.

The university trains specialists at all levels of higher education (Bachelor, Master, PhD degree programs), further education and professional development in 170 educational programs, as well as in secondary vocational education programs.

Today, more than 10 thousand students study at the university. The university provides degree training for about 800 international students from 51 countries of the world. Internationalization is an important part of NovSU development strategy. At present there are 64 agreements on cooperation and MOUs with HEIs and educational organizations from 22 countries of the world. High quality education and research is provided primarily by highly qualified personnel. Out of the total number of 600 researchers and faculty members there are 129 Doctors of Sciences and 336 Candidates of Sciences.

A large-scale project of NovSU is the construction of the Innovative Scientific and Technological Center “Intelligent Electronics – Valdai”. This is a unique educational platform for training competent personnel who meet the requirements of the rapidly developing markets of the digital economy. The International Conference “Microplastics in Polymer Science” will take place on the territory of the INTC.

Conference Venue: the Innovative Scientific and Technological Center “Intelligent Electronics – Valdai”, 18a Velikaya street, Veliky Novgorod, website: