October 1-5, 2024, Veliky Novgorod, Russia

Abstract submission

Abstract submission

Researchers from scientific, research and educational institutions and industrial enterprises are invited to participate in the conference as speakers. The conference will feature plenary, oral and poster presentations by participants.

The working language of the conference is English.

The topics to be addressed during the Conference will include:

  • Modelling in microplastic research
  • Analysis and characterization of microplastics
  • Microplastics in environmental and Earth sciences
  • Microplastics in biology, pharmacology, and medicine
  • Research and industrial strategies for microplastics prevention and reduction

Online registration and abstract submission:

You can register and submit abstracts on the conference website:

Deadline for abstract submission – June 15, 2024.

Each conference participant has the right to present one report.

Submitted abstracts are not reviewed.

The conference program committee reserves the right to change the type of paper presentation.

Rules for abstract submission:

A4 format.
Top and bottom margins are 2 cm. Left and right margins are 2.3 cm.
Text font Times New Roman, size 13, single spacing.

The abstract header (title, authors, organizations, email) is filled out separately during the abstract upload process and is generated automatically.

The volume of abstracts should not exceed 1 page. The file size should not exceed 2 MB.

It is allowed to introduce graphic material into the text of the abstract that is compatible in the electronic version with the editor used.

List of references: formatting without breaking into lines is allowed (in one paragraph, separated by a period). We kindly ask you to avoid automatic numbering of links.

Please adhere to the following linking rules:

Book link – Last name Authors’ initials (italic). Name. City, publisher, year.

Link to an article in a journal (or book of abstracts) – Last name Authors’ initials (italic). Publisher. Volume (bold), paper, year (в скобках).

Link to abstracts of reports – Last name Authors’ initials (italic). Name of the conference. Venue, year (в скобках). Volume (bold), paper.